Should I be worrying (please help!!!) ?

ill try to sum it up in as little text as possible,

me and my girlfriend have been together for about 4 years. prior to that, she had another boyfriend and was with him for 3 years. awhile back (september-ish 2016) she said he was sick with some cancerous illness because she saw a picture on facebook about it. that never really bothered her at all. but she told me just recently that his sickness progressively got worse and now he has leukemia from that. i don't know where she heard that or who told her. since she found out, which was about a few days ago, she's been worrying and constantly thinking about him. how do i know? she said "I wonder how (ex bf) is doing with his leukemia? i hope he's not majourly sick", "I've been thinking about (ex bf) lately", etc in a worried/concerned sounding voice. she even tried to convince me to go with her to the hospital to visit him yesterday. should i be worried, or am i worrying too much about this thing? I'm not trying to come off that i want my girlfriend to pay 100% of her attention to me and who cares if her ex boyfriend dies from a bad cancer. I'm just saying that I'm worried she's starting to get more feelings for him again and not have many left for me anymore because of how she talks to him and how she acts around him. also, their break up back in 2014 was mutual. and i know that he still has feelings for her cuz how he is (their break up was not a "he/she did this"). plus, I'm also worried cuz she's constantly wanting to spend time with him again. before she never used to text him or even talk to him and so on. now, she's basically texting him every single day. i don't know if I'm worrying too much, or if i should be worried. i also don't know if this is a jealousy thing that I'm going through. please let me know what you think i should do because i don't want to be stuck in a situation where my girlfriend is gonna possibly be dating 2 guys at the same time if things progress in a way that i don't want them to
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also sorry if this was hard to all process. i tried to slim it all down into as short of description as possible.

and yes i have tried talking to her about this. I've said all this to her and she said "well why don't you come along so you know, for yourself, that nothing is going on and that i have no feelings for him, and only you?"


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  • Look, I get where you're coming from with all this. However, the guy has cancer and it's really not weird that she wants to talk to him. Their relationship ended on good terms man. If you feel insecure though, go with her to the hospital and see how she acts around him.


What Guys Said 2

  • if you continue this jealous thing you should be worried. dude, she was with him for 3 years and now he is sick. of course she is going to care and worry about him. go to the hospital with her and show that you are a human being that cares about a less fortunate guy.

  • it's just kind of like losing a friend sure they mutually broke up it still doesn't mean that they don't know each other so it's natural that she's just concerned for him


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