Is it hypocritical to be against bullying when you were once long ago?

I admit to bullying this kid (and a couple other classmates) in 6th grade for several months and nope, I didn't have a crush on him nor came from a bad family whatsoever, nope. I was just doing it for just attention (for someone to notice me basically).

It was his blank and lost expression (along with head on the floor) that I noticed one day. So I just helped him out instead and then started getting involved if others were bullied. My general advice was to stand up for yourself, even if I were the bully again and have no pity. I'm currently still friends with most of them and others just acquaintances.

I didn't really said sorry. Well that was already my permanent apology... by helping others get emotionally stronger, which in turns adds confidence and stepping in if needed. I've been against any type of bullying ever since.
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What Guys Said 1

  • no, because some people change for the better.


What Girls Said 1

  • as long as you see the wrong in your actions and consciously make the move to be better it isn't hypocritical. if it were happening now as you tried to promote this lifestyle then you'd be a hypocrite


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