I am into some kind of delirium, need help?

Everytime i am into some kind of "state of mind" that disconnects me from what is going on in the present world.
Everytime i try to bring myself into the present by concentrating harder, the harder gets the pull of distraction. This problem is getting bigger beacause it remains almost everytime even while i am driving.

Please suggest me something.


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  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?
    maybe? Did you ever talked with a doc about that?
    does it affect you since child?

    • No its haunting me since last six to seven years. But its surely ruining my life, i can't study, can't work , almost can't perform any task with proper attention. I also can't remember anything for long as remembering anythig takes a certain amount of concentration. Can u please tell me more about it?

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    • Doc, he's the one that can give you the right answer. Good luck.

    • Thanks a lot pal.

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