Do you think he is "the one" ?

I know it's a silly question but hear me out. (I'm not taking this too seriously the poll, I just wanted to know your thoughts and I know this isn't going to determine if he is or isn't I'm just curious)
We have a lot in common
We agree on a lot of things
I'm really excited\happy\ nervous to meet him.
Even though we haven't met yet sometimes I feel safe\comfortable talking to him and I feel like it'll be the same when we meet.
I have a good feeling about him
He has said things like "He would love to meet my family members (same field as him) one day.
He likes my personality and I have a cute face.
He likes how I'm honest with him
He told me I bring out the best in him
He is a few years older than me, we have been talking for quite some time.
My friends like him.
(he said he was looking for friends and take it from there)
He has sent shirtless pics and after shower selfie pics. (only 3)
He is also the first guy out of the guys I've talked to (before) that is actually going to meet up and keep his answer. for some reason I feel odd about that in a good way but I feel like he might change his mind.
I told him he was the whole package and he said "You're too sweet, maybe one day"
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  • he could be. sometimes things are different in person though

  • I think any two people who really work at a relationship can make it successful


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