What would attract more girls, an Aston Martin or a BMW?

What do you think?


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  • most girls rate cars with the colour, materials from seat... they see in a car the mobility, not much more

    a men sees more in a car... hp, max speed from 0 to 100, wheels, body kit parts and and and

    but both cars are really different
    the aston martin shows money, camfort yes but its a supersportcar with uncomfortable force, service is not a cheap story...

    bmw have really different cars, I you think on a girlsmanget (here we call a bmw an schlampenschlepper)...
    and the most powerfull sportcar is the m6 with the g-power tuning is a little bit cheaper than the aston martin but I think the bmw shows naturaly a bit brutality but calms Down with nice leather and comfort inside, and have good long lasting engine for a good price... sometimes a bit too strong but never without comfort

    I would choose the bmw, also without knowing which one


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  • I dont give a fuck lol


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  • Depends on the type of girl.

    • What type for each?

    • A girl that likes to show off and be seen in the seat of an awesome car doesn't care which one you have. She'll do what she wants in either one, which is to show off like she's some kind of a trophy. Good thing there are also girls that actually have a brain.

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