Girls, if during childbirth only one of you live... would you save yourself or your newborn?

Apparently your pregnancy is going good. All good till during childbirth. Just then, the doctors explained you the terrible situation and give you two options...

- Apply anesthesia or meds on you... you'll get better but the baby's chance of living is low to slim... he/she can die while you live.
- Don't apply anything and the baby has a higher chance of being healthy but you're at high risk and can die.

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  • I'll save myself.. don't wanna die
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  • I'll give up my life for my newborn
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  • Until we're in this position I don't really think anyone is able to give a full answer.

    But as at now I'd choose myself. I know it would destroy my husband if I made that choice and left him when parenthood is something we were meant to do together. If I just happened to pass away without a choice, that's one thing but choosing to leave him alone goes against everything I promised when I married him


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  • It's hard to answer that when I don't even have a kid and have never been in such a hard position. As for right now I would save myself because that unconditional love mothers have for their children is something unknown for me. I don't know how far it would make me go

  • It's very rare to die in childbirth nowadays, so hopefully this won't be something anyone here faces.

    As a person who doesn't plan on being a parent at this point in time, I would save myself. There can be other children, and some babies are remarkably resilient. It's not a guarantee that they would be killed by the anesthesia.

  • it depends if I was a single mother with other children, then I'd live because they'd need someone to support them and the US adoption/foster system is very messed up.
    if I had a partner then I'd probably save the child.

  • I can't actually have kids, so for me the question isn't all that relevant, but... my mother made a decision like that when I was born.

    Since I'm here to type these words to you, you can probably guess what she chose.

  • I hope I'll save myself. I am not that type of person who sees that bearing and giving birth to children is her highest purpose. No one can demand you to sacrifice your life, youth and goals to save a kid you don't know. I'm not a hero. But I feel bad just imagining it. I hope I would never have to make this choice. You never know what you're gonna do at this exact moment.

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