What is worse? Being a below average woman or being a below average man?

I think being a below average woman is worse because guys give 80% importance to looks... Whereas girls give importance to things other than looks too...

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I'm talking about below average looks by the way. 🙈


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  • Yeah, you could be right. Since men put more importance to looks, than women. It could be worse for below average women. I think it's equal for both to be honest.

  • Nothing is worse. We human beings make it worse by thinking it is worse. From my point of view Inner Beauty is more important than Outer beauty. Inner Beauty never needs Makeup. Inner Beauty is great but little mascara never hurts. Outer beauty attracts and Inner beauty captives. Outer beauty will captures the eyes while Inner beauty will capture heart.

    The movement from which we start loving ourselves as we are we don't care what is best and what is worst.

    We can not generalize who gives preference to looks. Both gives preference to physical appearance at certain extent. It is individual choice. It's not based on gender.

  • dont think it matters but if anything i think more below average women get attention from guys than the other way round simply because men will fuck anything that moves lol

  • If you are average or below average as a woman, there will be a guy who likes you. But if you are average or below average as a guy, you are incel.

  • "Whereas girls give importance to things other than looks too..."

    Bunch of baloney.
    Statistics of modern dating apps show us that women are WAY pickier than men.

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