What is the worst thing about you?

me- i trust the people easily.


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  • i forgive people too quickly. even if they hurt me multiple times I still act like nothing happened but deep inside im dead.


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  • I'm impatient

  • 1. I act like I know everything.
    2. I give advice and an opinion when I am not asked to.
    3. I am very hard on myself.
    4. I refuse to admit I failed at something or couldn't do it.

  • Since somebody already said impatient - I've been so lonely and starved for a real connection with someone (male or female) and when I make one I can get a little possessive, needy or desperate. With guys I get extremely flirty. It's really sad how little exposure I've had to anything at this age that I can't act chill about stuff.

  • God damn so many things lmao
    All my mental fucked-upness bc it really contributes to my social anxiety I guess lmao
    As a good way to sum it up, I guess D

  • My worst quality is also my best quality. I'm too dominant. I have no idea I'm doing this but I intimidate most people without meaning too.

    • keep that attitude. coz those who are your true wellwishers ll never leave u.

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    • "It's generally okay for you to be this way."

      I'd be a bit more careful about saying that. Yes, I am a guy, but that trait has put me in a lot of female cross hairs over the years. I expect people to be upfront and straight forward with me. Apparently being able to understand their thoughts/points of view and responding accordingly makes me some kind of danger.

    • @F媒rdracaD贸cincel snap! I think we just need to remember that we are brilliant. Of course there can't be too many of us otherwise nothing would ever get done.

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  • The worst qualities about myself? You want that list in alphabetical order or by category?

    Haha just kidding but in all honesty I have several "worst things" about me

    1) I have a big problem with speaking my mind with almost literally no filter, because I talk to myself way too often
    2) I tend to point out the obvious in an effort to make a point (the irony, I know)
    3) I argue with people constantly, sometimes just for the sake of being difficult and obnoxious (as if that kind of behavior is going to win me any awards..."and the most award for being the most unnecessarily argumentative goes to...")
    4) I'm a serial pessimist, I put myself, assume the absolute worst of people around me and complain a lot, despite obvious evidence contrary to my observations--demonstrating my lack of emotional maturity
    5) I over-analyze simple things for no reason, probably in an attempt to determine to what degree of separation a negative causal outcome will occur
    6) I take things literally and to their absolute logical extreme interpretations of my literal interpretation, sometimes for lack of self-awareness and sometimes just to make a point, but never to any useful effect and almost always never in a way that conveys any grasp of what was actually said
    7) I tend to think in absolute "all-or-nothing" terms a little too frequently and finally
    8) To reiterate, or better yet, elaborate on point 1, I ramble on and take forever to get to the point because of my propensity to speak faster than I think, which means I say a lot but communicate very little

    I'd say that covers all the bases

    TL;DR I'm irrational and immature

    Maybe by putting this into writing, I can finally say to myself "hey, you know all those useless and time-wasting things you're doing? Stop doing them."

  • I'm incredibly selfish. My motivations for everything that I do are selfish. There are a few choice people that I love, cherish, and protect, but even then it's usually because they have something in particular to offer me.

    Then again, I happen to truly believe that everyone is like this. The only difference is that I don't bother wearing a mask.

  • What if i told you, that i am undesired by the opposite sex? It seems like i have an Aura of being undesired, which repels all females away from my proximity 馃馃樁

    After that it would be my depression and forgetfulness.

  • I hurt good people, and don't hurt those that are evil enough.

  • I'm kinda lazy. It's 20 minutes 'til 5pm on a Friday and I have work work late tonight to get all my stuff done because I farted around all day doing other things.

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