Is this a good example of "Don't knock it till you try it" for people against guns?


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  • He he he 😊


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  • No.
    Having fun with weapons in a purpose-built environment for having fun with weapons, will not (And didn't, if you watch the whole video) change the minds of someone against guns.

    I might go to a racetrack and have fun speeding around for a while, doesn't mean I think traffic laws are dumb.

  • That's kind of funny but omg, they kept trying to turn around with the gun still pointed in front of them and their finger still on the trigger, especially that girl with the shotgun. That was making me nervous.

    Some people seem to lack common sense when it comes to guns and then normal, responsible gun-owners are blamed. So, I don't think anti-gun people should go to a range to "see what it's like" if they aren't going to take it seriously.

  • I love guns. I don't have a nasty bone in my body, and I don't shoot animals or people =) I just like target practice

  • it must be fun to shoot like this.. but there are few responsible gun owners and a large number of more morons who shouldn't be handling weapons..

    • lot of idiot morons who shouldn't own a driver's license either

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    • @Yumix oh well, my claim was for 2013. time to update it.

      Like i said from the start, in a perfect world lol. In a perfect world, all issues would be fixed. You can't just fix both issues because we have group A, people who support firearms, and group B, people who protest firearms. Saying gun control is absolutely necessary is as useless as you saying just fix both issues already. You can rebuttal it all you want, and I'll just keep saying in a perfect world, because in truth, no one has the right answer. Wanna look at it from a philosophical point of view? Humans are the problem. Stop blaming guns. But it's not that simple to you. Again, in a perfect world.

      Nah, operating a vehicle is a privilege, and I would say the same goes to owning a gun but since it is actually a right, I can't. Although I would like to say it is a privilege that can be revoked from anyone.

    • That's completely backwards.

  • I wouldn't compare being against guns to not liking a certain food or something. It's not about using them in safe ways, it's about the dangers of when they are used in unsafe ways.

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  • Its not surprising that they didn't change their minds about guns. But I think it at least made them think of it differently. The girl who said she didn't like the feeling of enjoying it just couldn't admit the truth to herself.

    I've always thought that shooting guns is a very natural thing. I actually think it's something genetic, programmed into us over the ages. Not guns specifically. It's like if you take any kid to a river or lake, they are probably going to pick up rocks or sticks and start throwing them in the water. If a log or something floats by they will start trying to hit it.

    I think this is nature not nurture. People freak out about guns. Why not archery? Archery is the same thing. It's the same as trowing rocks at the log floating along. It's the same as trying to hit the pins with a bowling ball, or trying to hit the goal with a soccer ball, or wadding up a piece of paper and trying to hit the trash can across the room.

    People who don't know anything about guns don't realize that the satisfaction of shooting guns is the same as all those other things.

    One thing those people in the video probably learned, but wasn't mentioned, was that rapid firing a semi-auto like in the movies is BS. I'm sure they learned to rethink all the media and political hype over certain types of weapons. If they had been handed a 100 year old six shooter and compared it to the 9mm, they'd realize that they couldn't fire that semi-auto any faster than the six shooter.

    They might still be against guns, but I bet every one of them rethinks at least some of the things hey believed about them. Heck, they might even realize that they've been told lies by the politicians and media. If they've been told lies about some parts of it, maybe they've been told lies about other parts as well.

    It would be interesting to hear from them six months from now after they've had time to think about it. They were all surprised, and needed some time to let it soak in.

    • A well thought out response. Respect.

  • I suppose. Though in this case the point of having the second amendment right to bare arms is irrelevant to whether or not you like shooting a gun. It existed for self defense as well as to insure that the government did not over extend its power as the founding fathers of our government realized would happen if they did not maintain the right to bare arms as Britain itself barred the practice of martial arts and use of weapons in india when they took over, they barred the same with Ireland and Scotland as well all in an attempt to prevent them from revolting against them. Same thing happened in south America if memory serves as well, its the best way of controlling a populace because it takes away their ability to defend themselves (as Stalin, lennon, mao did with their own people) against the ones in power but it also creates a mind set of helplessness, as these liberals have shown, the fear of the weapon so they are both helpless in defending themselves and twice as scared of those who do have weapons.

  • Honestly it says more about Liberals than anything else. This is pretty much the reaction you'd expect. Liberals tend to be more emotional thinkers and their position on guns prior to firing one is clearly driven by fear in many cases.

    But shooting a gun is exhilarating for most people, it's a lot of fun, so you can expect that positive emotional experience to have an influence. Even if it doesn't ultimately change their political stance.

  • No, absolutely not.
    You can't use a term like " Don't knock it till you try it." In regards to guns. That's fucking ignorant. These are not toys. These are dangerous tools made for taking a life. And that should never be treated lightly.
    I understand the importance of firearms.
    But this is not a game. And it should never be treated as such.

  • i don't think most anti-gun or gun control proponent types have issues with whether or not shooting guns is fun. i think the issue that people who are against guns or in favor of gun control is the spread of violence, injury and death that guns seem to invariably cause

    i love shooting guns. but i am not in favor of the loose gun rules we have

    • tbh, it was too easy to buy my first gun lol.

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