What is the worst advice you have ever been given?

What is the worst advice you have ever been given?Just wondering.


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  • "Go to college anyways, it doesn't matter if you're undecided" It was from my parents and there was actually an "or else" added on, so it wasn't even a suggestion. When it played out exactly like I warned them it would, they decided to pretend I willingly dropped thousands on absolutely nothing (and publicly criticize me over it).

    "Take responsibility for your actions and tell the truth" almost everyone
    (even family/witnesses) while I was being falsely accused of crimes I was incapable of committing at 13 years old. Then, when I started exposing people for lying under oath, everyone else rushed to make amends.
    I'm tired


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  • You should go off your antidepressants and adhd meds, mental illness is made up and you need god. I got that from a hardcore Baptist I know, at the time I still attended a baptist church even though I would have rather attended a Lutheran or catholic church.

    • Pastors should and can be sued for this kind of crap and I recommend doing so not for money but to make a point.

      You have to tapper off SSRI's. Put a healthy nondepressed person on a large dose of SSRI's for 6 months and cut them off they will fall into the pit of despair.

      I'm sorry you had to go through that.

    • @sjoes006 wasn't the pastor, pastor was a decent sort, just a random asshole

    • Fuck them all to death. Lolz

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  • Why do you want to study so much? You're anyways gonna end up being a housewife. Learn to cook food and how to manage the household.

  • My mom told me to work it out with my daughter's dad... biggest mistake ever. He's now just a thorn in my spine

  • "guys are all the same, at least look for a rich one"
    "try to be friends with the girl who bullied you"
    "You don't need to take medication, mental illnesses aren't real"
    "just dont think the thoughts that make you scared, suck it up."
    "you're too pale you need to go tanning" (I was 11)
    "just dye your own hair at home it'll be fine"

  • There have been many...
    But never or rarely from my parents.

    One of the worst ones was a guy saying to me once "You should stop wasting time on college and just marry a rich dude..."
    Yup. Super motivational.

    • That's awesome about your parents. Best place to get advice if they have any to give. Love how people equate college with income.

      Sure welders make 6 figures in the US if they are skilled enough and that's great. They studied hard to get where they are.

      My college experience, ten years later now, has no price tag. I'm not talking about friends and fun times and growing up but my classes. My professors.

      I can count just barely on both hands the professors who changed who I am and how I see the world. They were from all over the world and different disciplines and views.

      Thisnoroblem we are having in the US about 'intellectual elite'. Bad title but a real thing. You have to speak to people in terms they understand. That's not calling anyone stupid that's just knowing your audience.

      You care about and want the same thing but unfortunately Obama alienated most of these people as did Hills.

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    • @sjoes006 Haha yeah, it can be awkward... I do that too - presume people know what should be common knowledge.
      Yeah, college really is transformative. And hell no, college can't be equated with riches at the end of it. Especially not in a nepotistic country like mine.

    • True that #nepotism

  • Can't think of a single item as I usually don't take much to heart and if I'm seeking counsel I seek it from several sources then decide.

    BUT in terms of frequency of bad advice that fall flat, usually at funerals where I'm the bereaved.


    Even if it is good advice it won't land and it's the last thing the person wants to hear. Don't try to cheer them up.

    Somehow all of these acts feel like the giver is making it about them but more important that receiver isn't in the state of mind to do anything with it. You are forcing them to be polite when you are there to simply pay respect and say I'm here if you need me.

    Why don't people get this? People who've lost someone usually get it but not all of them. If their loss if different then yours they get all wanting to help which isn't helping.

    General rule is wait a week or two then check in if you actually want to help them through the course.

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  • Don't know if it's the worst, but it's the first that popped into my head.

    Someone talked me into moving back in with my parents when I was 25. I really shouldn't have done that.

    Not anything specific, but I learned a long time ago to not place too much weight on the advice of experts. Even experts are prone to mistake, and if you listen to them blindly it can be a big mistake.

  • "Don't you worry about it- just wait. That special girl, The One, she's out there waiting for you! And when you find her, it'll be MAGIC..."
    Fifteen years later- "Oh, don't worry, just keep waiting, she's still out there waiting for you..."

    • Lol, when I told people they were like yeah, you go girl! But then I lost my virginity to a handsome stranger and then they all said: yeah its good to have some experience, just fuck around till you find the one!

  • My mom telling me I should consider studying medicine to become a doctor. She knew all too well that I'm daltonian (like her dad was. Most of the time I don't see a difference between red and green)
    Imagine a daltonian succeeding medicine studies and being a doctor!

    • Thanks I learned a new word today! Daltonian for colour blind. I like the French word better because most people aren't completely coulor blind nor are dogs.

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    • Depends on your specialty but could work. Psychiatrists for instance. The word in French apppears to be spelled with an E.

      Your word is more limiting and exact. In the US we just go whoops fucker can't see done with him. When in fact a lot of these guys only need help pairing socks together. You still see hints.

    • @sjoes006 over here , you get your general 7 yr dr md degree first, then one can become a specialist like psychiatrist or obgyn.

  • That I should cheat on my girlfriend and fuck a girl who was hitting on me, because according to this guy "your girl is probably going to cheat on you at some point anyways".

    Lol, I mean... I guess he was just lookin out? But such bad advice lol

    • Bad advice and a relationship is nothing without trust.

  • Just be yourself.
    Just care about yourself.
    You must do whatever God commands you to do.
    It would be better for you to become a priest.

    Just a handful I could remember right now. And yes those were said by my parents. Terrible role models both of them.

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