Do you think Kim Kardashian staged her Paris robbery to create publicity?

Now that enough time has passed that I think people will not have their opinions governed by emotion do you think she was actually robbed? I just find it weird how it went down and how the security guard just happened to be gone when it went down. And that some of her more expensive jewelry just found it's way onto being right outside. I don't think robbers would accidentally drop it and not pick it up or that a pedestrian would see it and grab it. They only found it the next day after. Hundreds of pedestrians would have seen it there. Or the fact that she called off the investigation shortly into the police actually started investigating.

I just don't think most humans have so much publicity happen around them so much to this extent. Publicity is her entire business so it just makes sense to me that she faked the whole thing to get her name on the front page of newspapers again. I don't fault her. She's a businesswoman and she definitely knows how to keep herself relevant in pop culture.
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What Girls Said 1

  • No she really was robbed and held hostage

    • They should have killed her...

    • Robbing popular people is so difficult coz you are more likely to get caught easily and most robbers end up killing riches...

      They might have killed her if that was a real one

      I think

    • They might have /// not should have

      Pardon my English

What Guys Said 2

  • Nah man they caught the people lol it really happened.

  • Who is she, and why is this important?


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