Do you agree with these three rules to help you get rich in America?

1. Graduate High school
2. Get married before you have babies (or just don't have babies outside of marriage. practice safe sex)
3. Get a job

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Should be stated that Ben Shapiro here usually says if you do these thinks you will stay out of permanent poverty rather than 'get rich' like he's saying here.


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  • This actually comes from studying poverty and what are the key reasons for being poor and staying poor. Statistically if you do these 3 things you'll not remain in the poverty band for more than a year, you'll move out and live a comfortable life.

  • You will be rich is very different from you will not go poor.
    And one more thing is lacking - don't spend more than you're earning.
    Credit cards are abundant in the US.
    When I was there, it's so easy to use credit card and to spend, that I had to use cash to "limit" my spending. LOL.

  • "Graduate High school" Duh, obviously.
    "Get married before you have babies", you need a solid relationship, marriage certificate not required.
    "Get a job" In America, today, that won't make you rich. A good job might make you well off, but to be rich you have to exploit other people's work.

  • These aren't the rules to be rich. These are the rules to never be financially poor and yes I do agree with these rules for never being financially poor. Becoming rich is a different subset of rules, but these could help for sure as well. Because you're cutting the fat.

  • They are more like how to avoid poverty.

    Get a job seems pretty obvious.

    TBH I've read there ARE statistically three things that radically avoid poor outcomes:
    - don't have a baby as a teen
    - don't drop out of school
    - don't go to jail.

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