Do you agree with these three rules to help you get rich in America?

1. Graduate High school
2. Get married before you have babies (or just don't have babies outside of marriage. practice safe sex)
3. Get a job
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Should be stated that Ben Shapiro here usually says if you do these thinks you will stay out of permanent poverty rather than 'get rich' like he's saying here.


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  • Nobody should say that getting a job is the way to get rich.

    Getting a job is a necessary stepping stone on the way to making yourself rich, but as long as you're working for other people, they'll always get way more work out of you than they'll ever fairly compensate you for.

    Don't work hard to make somebody else rich, use that paycheck to build your own business. Even a tiny one. Even if it fails and you have to get a job again. Work as much as you have to, but keep trying to eventually work exclusively for yourself.


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  • Interesting

  • Don't get married or have kids.


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