I don't care your parents spanked you?

ever notice how people who were spanked as a kid are so happy about it and act like if thier parents didn't do it they would've been horrible people and everyone who is bad is bad because they were raised bad and/or wasn't spanked as a kid. trust me it doesn't make you a better kid. it just makes you scared too do wrong it doesn't teach you of why it was wrong. there is a reason schools don't use corporal punishment anymore, it doesn't fucking work and even if it DID please stop feeding urself and other people bullshit that it makes you a better person. it just makes you sound jealous of kids parents who didn't spank them. also a lot of the worse people in history weren't bad because mom or dad didn't spank them. they were dicks because mom and dad spanked them alittle too hard at times 😂. thats it, it just pisses me off when a kid is acting spoiled rotten and always someone HAS to say. "they need a good whoopin!" no they need some parents that aren't complete shit like yours were. opinions are welcome and criticism isn't ignored its just a random none thought out rant so dont take it 100% serious or personal.
I don't care your parents spanked you?
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