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When infidelity took place?

Hi, I'm just a young girl from a small town looking to seek advice on one hell of a mistake I recently have made. Please don't be rude towards me, just honest. My now ex had a past of cheating on his previous girlfriend. He had done this more then once, and it has been proven(he still denies it to her though). Guess I should say I had become friends with this girl since I started dating him. There in the same ''circle''. Anyways, my ex and I dated close to 8 months. We always talked about the future, ya know kids marriage etc. All the good stuff a girl loves right. We both loved each other so much. But after awhile we seemed to start having problems. I had a lack of trust in him from a stunt he pulled a little over a month ago (we just won't go there). I gained back that trust and we moved on. Unfortunately last Friday he began ignoring me I felt hurt and as if he didn't love me and didn't care anymore. Typical girl thing to think right? Well I went out that night. Unfortunately booze got to my head. A good looking guy WHO KNEW I had a boyfriend took advantage of me when I asked him to stop. He didn't want to and of course didn't stop. Wasn't rape don't think that. Just a bad situation and I told my ex after it happened. Of course he was crushed..beyond crushed. And broke up with me. Ended ALL communication with me. I know what I did was absolutely wrong and I've never pulled something like that on a guy before. You can't even begin to imagine the kind of hurt I caused him and myself. Never felt like such a piece of s*** in my life. I want to regain his trust. I'm still friends with a few of his friends. Along with his mum. Who I talk to about this quite a bit. She said she knows what I did was wrong but still knows I'm a good girl. Wants to see us back together and has been trying to help. My ex just won't budge. I know I hurt him and all, but why if he cheated on his past girlfriend's plenty of times why is he putting me down so much? Why can't he see id do anything to regain his trust and win him back? This is not something id do again. I've learned my lesson. Hurt myself terribly as well. I miss him. I'm giving him a lot of space, Is there anything I can do...? Honestly even though I did this .. will he miss me after awhile? Or just hate me for the rest of his life. Keep in mind this guy loved me. Please be civil with me in your responses. I know what I did was cruel already...and won't ever live it down. Please guys and girls help me..? Let me know what you did or what your other half did when infidelity took place.. I know as of right now the kind of feelings he has towards me...

When infidelity took place?
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