Where are you from? New on this website, I'm French and I'm just trying to know weather this is international or not. So?

Please feel free to give more details about where you're from in comments. I couldn't add more options.
  • United States
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  • Other country than the US in America
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  • France
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  • Other european country
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  • Africa
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  • Asia
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm from Australia. You'll find there's quite a few Americans on here but don't worry about getting caught up in the cultural world view. Just ask the questions you want to and answer them the way you see things. Oh and by the way a number of people like it if you say thanks if they vote for your answer as the 'Most Helpful Opinion'. Welcome to the site! :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • Actually I'm lebanese. ( Middle eastern)
    And by the way, i was about to move to france this year, since i got accepted in "Aix-marseille" but i couldn't make it.
    I Will try next year :)

    • Good luck with that, I hope you will manage to come and I hope you'll like it here :)

    • Thank you :)
      And I've been to France before, but that was like 9 years ago

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  • This site is open to everyone in the world, so welcome. There are quite a few Americans here and a lot of the questions and answers are American-centric. I haven't figured out if that's because GAG is an American site or not (it's based in Missouri).

  • I suspect you’d consider it B.

    Nobody in Canada or Mexico ever thinks of “America” as a continent.

    • Haha, I knew this would be a problem, but I didn't want to "use" 3 spots just for America, this is why. Sorry man, I had too. I'm pretty sure any African or Asian would say pretty much the same.

    • I’m aware that’s true. It’s just never done here. My impression is South Americans may be less averse to it. But for us america means the USA. So to our ears it is how it would sound to us if someone called Europe Germany ;)

  • I'm from the UK.

  • usa all the way

  • India.


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