What is your opinion on Hatred?

I know I'm a *tad* late to the party, but I've only recently brought it cuz back then my PC wasn't as good. I really enjoy it. What are your thoughts?
  • Another fun game to play
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  • What is your opinion on Hatred?I'm triggered by simulated violence against pixels on a screen
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  • Two people is needed for hatred as it is born on personal experiences, one who experiences it and one who delivers the cause. If it exists, it exists for a reason.


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  • If you hate something bad or a bad person then that hatred is good and justified. For example: I hate porn, prostitution, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, I hate my bad habits of waking up late and not getting things done. I hate shameless people and women who don't respect themselves.

    • Bad is subjective. For example, I don't hate porn. It's a business that people willingly partake in and it doesn't hurt anyone. I don't hate alcohol. In moderation, it's just a drink. You might lose what... 5 minutes of your life? If that? And it's a choice anyway, and if someone does not drink responsibly then that is their fault.

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    • we should do healthy actions that are good for us and the society. There are stories where the husband comes home drunk and beats his wife, wakes up the next morning and sees that his wife has a black eye which makes him feel guilty. Accidents happen because of alcohol, because who go to beach after drinking alcohol. Alcohol smells and is toxic for the body. Even if it is 2018, Alcohol is still immoral.

    • I don't believe in god at all, and find the idea kinda silly. I think you should do whatever makes you happy. It's your body, and you choose what you do with it.

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  • Hatred is something that's get you to feel hate like it might have meaningful hatred and non meaningful like you hate this person for a particular reason and some without a reason

  • Never actually heard of it...

    • It was highly controversial because the pixels on the screen that make up the AI in the game look like people, and you shoot those people for no other reason than "I'm an edgy emo so imma kill me some peeps".

    • It's actually quite fun.

  • what's this...


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