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last week i went to karaoke with an acquaintance and he was tearing up as he sang this showa ballad from the 80s about high school sweethearts where the boy left their hometown (in western japan) for a job in tokyo and it's quite sad.

to my love
i am embarking on my journey
a train bound for the east
on the bustling streets of the city
i will search for a gift to send to you

no darling
i do not need a gift
just don't let the watercolors of the city taint you, please come home

to my love
half a year has passed
although we cannot meet
please don't cry
i will send you a ring in the latest fashion
surely it will look lovely on you

no darling
not diamond from a star
nor a pearl from the sea
can compare to the magic of your kiss

to my love
do you still not wear makeup,
not even lipstick?
you probably won't be able to recognize me now in this picture of me in a suit

no darling
i preferred you laying in the grass
but now you are in the cold shadows
of the tall buildings
take care of yourself

to my love
forgive me for forgetting about you
everyday is exciting here in the city
i can't go back home

my last selfish wish
please send me a gift
a cotton handkerchief for my tears
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1 y
no one translated it yet so i had to do it myself. my poetic sense may be lacking... it was a really common scenario back in the 80s so a lot of people who were young at that time can relate
Would this song make you cry?
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