Guys, how’d I do?

Guys, how’d I do?
This was my first time

the first 8 rounds i shot were headshots
The instructor guy schooled me, he said if this were a real situation that’d I’d need to aim for the chest.
So I shot chest twice & continued shooting his head 😂
The large holes are from a 22 cal I think
and the smaller holes are from some rifle
The rifle was easier, it had less kick, but it was more powerful & even louder than the pistol.

One thing I wanna say is
don’t underestimate guns you guys..
this was my first time being next to and shooting a gun
Guns are stronger than you think..
being next to someone while they shoot will make your heart jump... every time.
You know how loud the bass is at a concert? Or a parade? Imagine that x10.
I wouldn’t recommended going here if you have heart problems... I thought I could take a bullet, but after going’s here... guns aren’t to be played with at all.
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  • Did you mean to shoot him in the dick?

  • Not bad


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