My friend took my thumbnail pictures for YouTube wrong I don't know what to do?

I finally got my chance to vlog in London yesterday had a great time it was fun but I got my friend to take my pictures for my thumbnail only problem is she took them portrait instead of landscape so now I don't really know what to do?

Like should I just keep it portrait style I mean she took amazing images just not landscape I really don't know now...


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  • If use certain photo editors, you can give it the 'cut sides look' which kinda fixes the problem. can't think of one off the top lof my head

  • Just keep them portrait style. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Look at all YouTube videos none are portrait style that’s the thing they are all landscape

    • Is it going to be used in the videos or as a thumbnail picture for your account? If it is in the videos then yeah landscape is better. But, if it is a photo for your account/user profile then portrait is fine for that.

    • It’s a thumbnail for the video not a picture for the profile

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