How exactly does life "get better"?

I heard that line thrown around by speakers that would come to school all the time throughout high school. Yet I'm in my 20s, and life isn't better for me. Someone please explain how life actually "gets better" for some people, when it seems to be complete bullshit.


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  • You have to decide what “better” means and how you can create a better life for yourself, get support and advice from others if you need to. But you have to decide whether that advice is worth following.
    If, however, you find you can't think of even one positive thing in your life, you may be suffering from clinical depression, which is an illness and should be treated like an illness. As a person who suffers from recurring depression, “self-help” advice has sometimes just made me feel worse, so I understand if this isn't helping.


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  • More girls
    Then a degree and a job
    A wife, 3 kids and a mortgage to pay.
    More money, stress and a burnout.

    • Sounds awesome... :/

    • 3 kids and a mortgage = 15 years or more forced labor

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