What to do about moments when your mental health just plummets?

Scared to go to a Dr because of my job


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  • I've been in the same boat recently, my friend. What did it for me was a couple days away from life as it is normally, which for me can be stressful and frustrating. Just enjoy yourself! Go out with friends or family if you like, find things you want to do. These things will help take your focus away from your problem. Maybe not completely, but will help relieve stress. Reflect on what a good day you had and what you will get up to next time! Don't think about the bad things as it'll only keep you in this frame of mind. I've literally just went back to work after a few days off and I'm still smiling away! Hope this helps

    • I wish I could take a couple of days away but I can't. I don't have friends and my family live 140 miles away

  • Go to a close friend

    • I don't have one, I have a great manager but she will have to tell higher management which would impact my job

    • Live 140 miles away and have no idea I've ever struggled with mental health issues

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