What is the best software to retrieve data from an old floppy?

I m am trying to retrieve data from this floppies from the early 2000's but... I get this message: the disc media is not recognized. the disc may need to be formatted. So what isthe best software or data recovery software for this?


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  • You need and old computer that read it, if your motherboard can't read the disk, no software alive can help you.

    • thanks for the answer, but I dont understand, I mean sorry for my lack of knowledge on this subject, but if those files were pictures and a n edited map of age of empires 2 , I think its a. scn or. scx file, but I dont understand why hte mother board would have anything to do with that. what you need to read the actual software is the program itself isn't it?

    • Motherboard is like human brain. Sound, programs, program compatibility, os system ( linx, mac, window), blue tooth, memory, battery, and all that is read by the motherboard. You have 2 options. Get an old computer from the pawnshop, or buy the old version.

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