What do I do I've tried many things?

At school my now ex cheated and was still cheating all the way back in October 2017 till I found out in April and that's when I ended it fully, but then on his instagram he made every one think I'm the one who cheated but no he had no evidence, 1 bc I actually loved him unlike him, and 2 I didn't accuse him of cheating almost every 3 minutes, and 3 i didn't keep my phone to my self or change my password unlike him. So now his new girlfriend that he cheated on me with and her and his friends are being completely rude, making rude comments, calling me names, talking crap in other classes to others, giving me dirty looks. I've told the principles, but I know after they talk to all them it'll only get worse. I just want it all to stop. They got what they wanted which is him.
Tbh he downgraded, he cheated on me with a girl who cheats on all boyfriends, ruins lives of people for no reason, but I guess lying cheaters are meant to be with lying cheaters.
He showed so many signs that clued he was cheating on me. I just wouldn't ever think him cheating on me with the girl he hated and called mean names. But what should I do?


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  • Break up. Focus on yourself, and move on.
    Block him and all this other people.


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