Ok children I need comments and this poll answer?

Ok i don't get it we all want basic things and they are the same for everyone pick how you feel and comment below cause just wow
  • (Guys) women take out their pain on us
    Vote A
  • (Guys) women dont take out their pain on us
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  • (Girls) guys take out their pain on us
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  • (Girls) guys dont take their pain out on us
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Most Helpful Girls

  • I don’t think guys take their pain out on girls

    • I see so much he said she said im hoping that my question will put some sense in them

Most Helpful Guy

  • Option 5. women take it out on themselves and blame us, but we're too cool for that shit. So we pretend to cheer them up, inside thinking "this girl is going to father our kids, I wonder if crazy is genetic?"


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What Girls Said 2

  • Male and Female lash out at those they are closest to, human nature not gender specific. You know it's safe to take out your frustrations on those you care the most about, they won't leave you for it generally unless you are Toxic and always lashing out over every little thing...

  • I think it depends more on the person and less on the gender


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