Whats your nickname and do you know mine?

G@Gers continue to call me one or the other so i just wanna know which u assume is my name.
#WhatsMyName #ThatsNotMyName #FeelFreeToList
  • Duh, its Dizzy!
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  • Um, is it Desi?
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Most Helpful Guys

  • I think your profile made that point very clear dear Desi 😊
    The first day I started following you I noticed it, but I recall "mentioning" you everytime which was annoying, but in my defense, I was still a newbie πŸ˜…
    From your username I will vote for "Desi".

    My username is Stranger By The Day, so you can call me whatever you want, am just a simple stranger blending myself in this online community 😊

    The only 2 fake things in my profile are:
    - picture
    - username

    As for the rest, well, that is who I am dear Desi.


Most Helpful Girls

  • I have a few nicknames. Chino (curly in Spanish), Rose, Hollywood, and Bambi. And I’m guessing yours is Desi. Short for Desiree?

  • I have so many nicknames from different people. The most common is ladybug, maverick or troublemaker.

    Your nickname is Desi. I called you Dizzy once and I felt like you virtually snapped my neck. I never called you that again. πŸ˜‚

    • Lmaoooo πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ yea i do be bout to virtually snap when people call me dizzy haha

    • Hahaha. That was a warning to anyone reading this. They should consider themselves warned 😈

    • I have had my share of her snapping virtually on me as well πŸ˜…
      We only have one Desi and am glad to be knowing her.

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