How can you prove you're real?

My sister asked me this question. Curious question. She's too smart for her bridges. Read Bloom and Rouseous. I can't even spell it, let alone comprehend it. But it's an interesting question. If someone asked to prove your realness, how would you do it?


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  • I don't believe there's a way to prove such a thing. We could all just be a fragment of someone's imagination or even our own. Everything around us could just be an illusion, or maybe there's a God who is controlling our lives like Sims and we could just be stuck in a never-ending simulation or matrix until we're deleted...

    I hate thinking about my existence, it freaks me out. WHAT IS REAL._.

    • wait do you mean real online or real in like an existing way?

    • No... Existing as who they claim to be. For example. Say you start talking to a girl online. How do you know she's not actually some guy sitting in front of his computer in his underwear eating nachos?

    • Oh... ignore my little freakout and conspiracy theories up above then.

      I guess you could ask 'her' to Skype, see if they have a girl-like voice, or ask to webcam once you get to know her a bit better. Or exchange facebooks/Instagrams, though those wouldn't tell you for sure if they're legit, it might be more reassuring if they're real on those platforms and everything seems to match up.

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  • Real in what way?

    • Well, in the land of the internet, it's hard to tell if people are real or not. If you've never met them, how do you know? And how can they prove it?

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    • Thought about it. I could meet all kinds of interesting people, see places...

    • It's a big change. The question is if you're ready to do it. If I use my plate methodology here, you have this plate with shit on it. Instead of trying to clean the plate just smash it against the ground and find a new, more beautiful plate.

  • I'm a figment of your imagination

    • Hah! I'm a figment of my imagination! Seriously. I've never been totally convinced I'm real.

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