Crazy odd dream, & I don’t get it?

There’s this guy who I never really was able to talk to in real life, so I accepted it that this person doesn’t really care if I was here or not (to be friends). That was 2yrs ago, but now last night I dreamt about him? and he was dating this girl; who was telling him who he should/shouldn’t hangout with anymore. Even in the dream we were still not friends, but she targeted me (as her one of her enemies). I didn’t like her either, but I empathize with him. That it’s stupid for his girlfriend to be fighting with him over nothing. What’s also odd is that he doesn’t even have a girlfriend in real life, & the fact that the main focus of my dream was about him and not me? Because I always have nightmares, & I’m usually the main person in all of my dreams. But in this dream even though it wasn’t about me; I was still being targeted at by someone, or something. I didn’t like his fake dream girlfriend trying to make me disappear especially when we weren’t even friends. I was friends with his little brother playing basketball with him in this dream. So why did I even have this threatening dream?


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