Girls, What would you do if a guy pulled you to the side and was crying?

How would you feel if a guy grabbed you and cried to you about something let’s say he made mistakes but never did anything to you or anyone personally but people looked at him different would you be upset a little.
Or would you laugh hit him or just call someone


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  • How well do I know this guy? My actions might change a bit depending on that, but regardless, I’d sit there and listen to him and offer emotional support or advice depending on whichever he seems to need more.

  • It depends on who he is and on the situation.
    If he was a very close friend or the guy I have a crush on, I would probably hug him, listen carefully to him, then give him advices and tell him not to worry and that I will always be there for him.
    If he was just a “simple” friend I wouldn’t hug him, but I would listen to him and say him what I think of the situation and suggest him to speak about it to someone he really trust (like his parents or his best friends).


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