What are some of the events happening in the world right now that doesn't deserve any attention what so ever?

sometimes you stop and think about the important things occurring yet you keep seeing unnecessary bullshit on social media, the mainstream media, television, radio etc. People have the right to broadcast what they want, people have the right to read and and talk about events.. but there comes a time when you have to say... are we really discussing this?


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  • Our (US) government meddling into personal hate among each other. Do your f@&king job into making the US great again. Like for an example I could give sh!¥ if Johnny had sex or paid for sex with Suzy just as long he is doing his job are you that jealous and/or that sex deprived you crave to have that thrill or what Johnny did twenty years ago before he became associated with the government. All this wasted time and bullsh!¥ for what?


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