Do you like having your personal information at everyone's fingertips on the web?

I did a search on my name today and was amazed at how much personal info came back, not just about me, but my extended family. As well as my name, birthdate, and every address I've ever lived at, just by entering my first and last name in Google. This is really starting to piss me off.

Maybe it is time for some new laws...
  • Yes, because I can find lots of info on anyone else - convenient.
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  • No, that violates my privacy - no one needs to know the details of my life
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  • Why do you think I don't use my real name on here?

    I try to minimise my digital footprint, and I'm interested in how the lawsuit to find out what information Google has on android phones that have never been associated with a user account is getting on.

  • The google is not meant for us. They do business & prefer profits.
    So is Mark Z.😂😂😂


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