What can I do about his Facebook negativity?

My fiancé is often writing very negative things on Facebook any time he’s in a bad mood. It’s never aimed directly at people but vague things like “I hate people” done with a huge text image and whatnot. That’s what he wrote last night and my sister took offense to it. It’s quite embarrassing sometimes because friends and family ask me what’s wrong with him because of the things he writes. I mean he’s 36. I think he should be old enough to not to act like that on social media.

I’ve talked to him about it and told him it bothers me but his rebuttal was that’s just the way he expresses himself. I told him he can talk to me anytime and he didn’t respond. He just keeps doing this and it’s embarrassing and annoying.

I mean is this normal or should I be more firm about my disapproval of this kind of behavior.


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  • I think it's not really a big deal. Yeah those are low-quality posts, but it's not a big enough issue that I'd choose to fight over it. Your real life relationship is more important than social media posting.


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