How to deal with people making fun of me as a 4'10 (148cm) guy?

Hi guys

As a 4'10 guy people always make fun of me for my height. Girls always do it because I'm half a foot shorter than the average girl and a foot shorter than the average guy. I also have tiny hands and feet so people make fun of me for that too. I'm skinny so I always feel intimidated by them too.

What can I do?



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  • I'm sorry people make fun of you. I'm a tall girl and I understand what it's like to be made fun of based on height. You are going to have to learn to not care what they think. And to accept that all human beings are different and that's fine. I personally wouldn't make fun of a short man and have crushed on quite a few as well.

    • Thanks. How tall are you btw?

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    • Haha. I absolutely hate being this small. I'd even take being 5'5!

    • Well you will have to work on accepting your height, If there was a way we could swap heights or we could get what we wanted I'm sure all humans would do it but that's just life. I've seen guys your height and they are alright, doing fine and hang out with girls all the time. You just have to be comfortable enough with yourself so others are too.

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  • You should get a pair of shoes with lifts. I saw an ad for them on the in-flight magazine they give you yesterday. They can make you 7cm taller so that would bring you up to at least 5'0.
    Other than that there isn't much else.

    • My feet are only size 3 UK so finding shoes with lifts are hard as I have to wear kids shoes. Also 5'0 is still super small 😣

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    • True but it's still kind of pathetic. Thing is no kids shoes have lifts lol

    • Get them specially made.

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