How do you manage stage fright?

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  • Think of every single individual there as an idiot... You're the only master of the language you're going to speak, they don't know anything about the topic. And a just a tip
    *Always look at there foreheads and not eyes, it gives an impression of you having an impact on them. And look from head to head from 3 seconds or so on. Hope this helped


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  • For me two things. First, just gotta go out there and do it multiple times. Second, you have to give yourself permission to make a mistake. A lot of anxiety on a stage is fear of making a mistake

  • For me, I just had to get up there and do my thing for a couple of minutes, realize everything was absolutely fine, and just keep going lol. Mistakes you make, you quickly learn to shake off. Sometimes a mistake (while playing music) even comes off sounding OK, if just maybe wasn’t what you planned on playing in the moment, so it sounds jarring to you.

    After a few gigs, it was something I looked forward to, and despite knowing that mistakes can happen, I always felt confident and excited to get on stage and perform.


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