What's an overwhelming feelings you have?

Sometimes our feelings gets the best of us, and we act based on that, we are humans afert all, we can't be just a mind, we have a heart and sometimes it takes over..
Like anger, you might punch a wall because of it (don't do that please)
Love, you might ignore everything else in your life for the one that you love.
Happiness, you might dance, or smile or even have tears of joy.

Some people can't control themselves, if the conditions were met.

What do you think is the most overwhelming feeling, and what do you do or react when you have been overwhelmed by soemthing?
You can dance when happy !
You can dance when happy !


Most Helpful Girls

  • Love. Im willing to do almost anything for him (except steal/kill/go to jail). I always put things aside for him when he calls. I try to control it but i can't

  • I guess excitement or when I'm talking about something I really like, tbh I didn't even know I did this until my teacher told me. Apparently when I get excited about something I start talking faster.

    Though on the opposite when I get nervous, it really overwhelmes me, I just start feeling like my body heats up and then I feel really warm and I feel like I start sweating a lot even though I'm not. I may even stumble at my words a bit but usually I don't.


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  • Hmm...
    Probably Love, I turn into a right romantic rather quickly but if you asked this same question 3 years ago it would have been Anger so :p
    I get really easily excited too though so I jump my friends, run around fields playing tag in rain, easily hyped ^_^

  • The thing that springs to mind is that I go extreme on certain emotions and have to reign them in obvious in the negatives but sometimes in the positives too say love, if you go too full on, you might smother your partner and frighten them off - My pace/reigning in of emotions always on high alert both on the negative/positive front

    • Great
      But it is not in our hands to control, not always

    • You have to try control as much as you can - I don't let things just "happen to me"

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