Do you think that the first moon landing was faked?

i am doing a project on this subject, but i can't find reliable info on internet if the faking of the first moon landing is just a conspiracy or it's a proven fact?
i would like to hear what do you think and if you have any article i can use, i will be very thankful!
Do you think that the first moon landing was faked?

Do you think that the first moon landing was faked?the most handsome astronaut of all time, he knows how's a good boy!
  • Do you think that the first moon landing was faked?it's faked fo sure
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  • Do you think that the first moon landing was faked?did somebody say conspiracies?
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  • Do you think that the first moon landing was faked?they recovered lost record but there were people on the moon
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  • Do you think that the first moon landing was faked?Soviet Union has a finger in the pie
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  • Do you think that the first moon landing was faked?it was not faked
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  • Do you think that the first moon landing was faked?haters gonna say it was photoshopped
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  • Do you think that the first moon landing was faked? moon is moving away from the earth, because its so full of our bullshit
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I love how many people choose the shit hats for their beliefs
Thank you for your help


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  • More people watched the moon landing LIVE than almost any event in human history. And many of our enemies were also watching with satellites and spacecraft and radar and anything else they could get, because a failure on our part would have been a huge propaganda victory for them.

    And then, there were 5 more moon landings, plus a near-fatal emergency (Apollo 11).

    There has never been ANY credible evidence that these didn't happen. Instead, there was a heavily political Sci-Fi movie (Capricorn One) that kicked off this idea in the late 70s and now (some) people actually believe that the moon landings aren't real. That's just insane.

    The moon landings were the most expensive single project the US has ever done, and the most technically difficult (JFK's speech forced them to happen a decade earlier than was originally planned) and the work and research necessary to make them happen is directly responsible for the advanced technology that we have today, from microprocessors to digital cameras to LCD displays.

    The moon landings are one of the main reasons why the USSR no longer exists, and why the Cold War ultimately ended. If they'd been faked, you can bet that Russia (and China, and others) would have never stopped talking about it and presenting their evidence - but they know it happened because they were monitoring it all as it happened - each time.

    The government has told plenty of lies, but the moon landings have MOUNTAINS of evidence - including rocks that had previously never been seen by geologists. There is no evidence that it was faked other than a fictional Hollywood movie.


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  • It's not fake.
    CCCP congratulated to the USA for landing on the moon.
    They have put mirrors on the moon to measure the distance the moon is going further from the earth and everyone with the right equipment can test it.
    But some wiseguy from the USA hed idea that it's fake.

  • It was obviously not faked. There was no way in 1969 they had the technology to fake the parallel shadow. Furthermore, we know we went to the moon because we brought up retroreflectors and we could verify at any time that we did go to the moon.

    In fact, faking the entire moon landing would've costed more than actually going to the moon.

    • well maybe it costs more but they will pay if they can't actually go to moon and maybe the goverment is fiding tehnologies that are capable of things we can't even imagine
      its not so obvious to me, I don't know what to believe in anymore

    • How would they even fake the parallel shadows? It would make sense scientifically because the sun is so far away that all the light ray are virtually parallel. Now grab out a lamp and two toy figures and observe. The shadows are not parallel. You see, you can't fake it. In order to fake it, they need laser, which at the time were
      A. Experimental.
      B. Very large.
      C. Only came in red.

      And not just one laser, they need an array of lasers.

      Even then, they also need to send a craft up into space to get that retro reflector there.

      The logistics just don't add up.

    • okey, i am a dummy so i needed more simple explanation so thank you

  • It is one of the more absurd conspiracy theories. There have been twenty-four who have landed on and twelve who have walked on the moon. Eight of those who have walked on the moon have passed away. Not one of them left a message that it was faked. None of the hundreds of people who would have been needed to pull off a fake has revealed that it was a fake.

    • maybe they were well paid? or kills, its great achivement after all, it would be shame if people find out its fake

  • Well, I personally think it was faked, but don't say that in your project, because there is no hard evidence.
    The Mythbusters did some experiments and were convinced that it was real.

    • well duh, its a science project not a my diary, its not about my opition
      thank you, i was looking forward for your opinion

  • Stanley Kubrick, on his death bed, confessed
    that the Apollo 11 moon landing was the great movie he ever made. The Government swore him to silence on pain of death. Since he was on his death bed, he didn't need to fear thrm anymore, so he confessed. There is a video on youtube of this.

    • and the video was also proven a hoax

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    • @admles by whom, with what corroborating evidence?
      also, did you ever see the movie "Wag The Dog"?
      Did you ever see "Capricorn One"?
      I strongly recommend you view those films.
      besides, why do you think Kubrick knew so well what he was doing
      when he made "2001: A space Odyssey"?
      He had a great practice run. Kubrick told it himself in "The Shining". ever notice the Apollo 11
      sweater the boy was wearing? That wasn't an accident.

    • Look at behind the scenes documentary on tje making of "The Shining".

  • Oh sure it was a fake and it was all President Trump's fault. He colluded with the Russians. It was actually the Fiji Islanders who landed on the moon in 1929, during the stock market crash, when nobody was paying any attention.

  • It was directed by Stanley Kubrick apparently

    I doubt it’s true but in the shining Kubrick left a couple of subtle messages

    The first being the young boy wearing an Apollo 11 shirt and he changed the “evil” room from room 217 to 237.
    Because supposedly it was about 237 thousand miles from the earth to the moon or something like that
    Probably bogus but whatevs

  • As much as I hate to give any credit to conspiracy nuts, the one thing tat makes me suspicious is that in 50 years nobody has gone back. Not saying I absolutely don't believe, I just find it somewhat suspicious.

    • well its pretty expemsive. like 120 milliard dollars and the budget of NASA has became thigher than in the past also they need the permission of the pressident and althought trump gave his approval, it will take a long time to make the project and make it happen, by then the president will be changed
      but yeah, if there is will there is a way

  • The Moon is fake. It has just been a collective illusion that has fooled humanity since the beginning of time. However, China plans to make a real moon and launch it into orbit.

  • There's no air on the moon then why is the flag waving?

    • If you find some more pics you can see footprints before he stepped off from the craft

    • Keeps looking, there is sth more

    • A stick was used to hold the flag outward so it would be more visible.

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  • Real Deal... Like you Here, dear. xxoo

  • Im believe in space but I dont believe anyone else go there


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