Can You Tell Me A Story About Each Of These Pictures?

Can You Tell Me A Story About Each Of These Pictures?Can You Tell Me A Story About Each Of These Pictures?Can You Tell Me A Story About Each Of These Pictures?Can You Tell Me A Story About Each Of These Pictures?
You can just do one, and a story just and up story. Doesn't to he long. I'm bored 💀💀💀💀 they're my pictures I took today
Seems GAG hasn't changed 😂😂😂


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  • There was a calm brook that flowed through town. A man one day placed a rose on a plate and placed it with a note on the brook. It moved to the other side of town where a dreamy woman picked it up. She smelled the rose in delight and picked up the note. It contained a message that said " I hope you enjoyed the rose, you are beautiful just the way you are, meet me at the park in the middle of town tomorrow at noon by the statue, I would be honored to see your beauty in person" the woman was flattered but not vain, although she was intrequed by the mystery of the letter. She decided to meet the man of mystery. The next day they met face to face, he grabbed her hand and kissed it, she blushed. The man took her to a store, whatever you want it's yours. She picked out a gorgeous blue and sliver necklace. They went back to the park and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying each other's company. They agreed to see each other again and the girl kissed his cheek before they departed


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  • First picture (I’m only doing this one):

    12 year old Lee Lee was collecting water from the river for her family’s supper. The sun was setting and she had to be back before dark.
    While she was doing that, a fish slipped into her bucket. She asked the fish to leave, but it did not. So she tried to dump out all of the water but the little fish still somehow stayed in the bucket.
    She tried to distract the fish this time so she could pour it out with the water successfully.
    She sung the fish a song, and it worked. The fish was back in the river. But the sun had gone down and it was dark, but The moon was rising.
    The water started bubbling and all of a sudden, the fish turned into a human boy.
    Very much to the shock of Lee Lee 👀
    The fish boy panicked and asked begged her to never tell the villagers about his transformation.
    Lee Lee asked, how is this possible? Who are you?
    Fish boy said, my name is Bing and the moon changes the creatures in the river, because it contains moon water. I was too scared for you to see me in this form, so I stayed in your bucket. But your song was so pretty, I forgot to keep hiding.
    Lee Lee said, you look so young. Where are the other fish? Where is your family?
    Bing (fish boy said), I have not seen my family in three years. They were all captured by fishermen.
    Lee Lee took pity on Bing, who looked a little younger than her age. She invited Bing to her family’s home so he could be comforted.
    Bing was accepting of Lee’s kindness, but he was immediately shocked and angered when he walked into her house.
    Bing looked into the eyes of Lee Lee’s father. Those same eyes belonged to one of the fishermen that took his family.
    So Bing attacked Lee Lee’s father, but the father was too strong for him.
    Lee Lee tried to break up the fight, but she couldn’t, so she called for her stepmother.
    The stepmother cried for the fight to stop, so the father let go of Bing.
    The stepmother surveyed the room and could feel all of the negative energy.
    Looking into the eyes of the strange boy in her kitchen, she dropped to her knees and cried. This boy who she had not seen in years was her son.

    I don't know, I was just making up something. Hope you enjoyed.


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  • A story? Like the background behind them or something made up?

    • #1: the canals carved through the city of Leyowin are a popular attraction for most. They were carved through the center of the city in 1524 in an attempt to provide fresh flowing water to any that reside within the city. It was later found that the mineral rich waters flowing from the underground springs that fed the canal combined with the adobe used, (having a specific chemical compound not found anywhere else), to form the canal resulted in the ideal conditions for the rare Hazel Eastern Lotus, (pictued next). While the lotus has been seen in other regions, the perfect conditions met in Leyowin result in unprecedented growth of the flowers, displaying plants up to three times the size as seen anywhere else

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    • You underestimate my boredom. At least it's a half hour that occupied my time today.

    • Wow haha glad I could help. And I really enjoyed these, thank you so much

  • Once upon a midnight sonnet,
    a young woman lost her red bonnet,
    it dissolved into the river,
    it made her heart doth quiver,
    a young man after her love
    gave her a gift from the gods above
    the necklace with azure charm
    came to her in this time of harm
    she gave him her hand
    upon which he placed a wedding band
    they moved to a new land
    and he built a villa

  • I'd had enough of my enemies messing with me, so I destroyed all of them at once. The water is red because of all the bloodshed that took place when I decided to take them out. I then surrounded the area with people who have added to my life and made it my home. I took my exe's necklace from her dead body because someone might as well have it, she never deserved it anyways. Then I lived a happy life and the water remained red as an example of what happens when you step over the line.

  • Y want a story mate? Okay listen. Once upon a time i peed in a stream of water. It attracted a lot of people. Then i found a necklace in the piss. Then i ran away through that passage. The end

  • Nice pictures, is this like some kind of garden

  • Too much work. How about one?

  • Ain't nobody got time fo that😂

  • Its from Ghostbusters 2


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