Do guys even like good girls?

I don't talk to people I don't know or believe in having friends. Lots of people are full of drama and bs. I like hanging out with my family. I'm a homebody. I find drinking, smoking, drugs, partying, etc. To be disgusting. I don't care for it or want to be around it. I like singing. I like the fluet and violin. I like soccer, wrestling, and mma fighting. I don't like it when people talk too much. I'mm an introvert and I don't really like talking. I don't like social media or anything attention seeking. I like laid back and chill energy. I don't like it when men try to force you to get along with their family and friends and want you to party and do wild things with them. It's not my m-o. You will get cursed out, ghosted, and ignored I can't stand childish men. There's nothing more disgusting than a man who gossips. I also don't like men who have too much friends, show codependency, or clinginess. Most of these guys say things like, 'If you don't love me, I'll find a girl who does'. Bye! Don't let the door hit you on your way out. I also don't like thirsty men. I'm not trying to Netflix or chill, hang out at your house and smoke weed, or do any kind of flatio. You are not my husband and I am not obligated to touch your private area, so I will not. There's nothing more annoying than having a conversation with a guy who wants you to agree with everything he says, likes what he says, or does what he does. It's annoying and shows insecurity. I don't like men who talk too freaking much. This time I mean they tell everything to everyone about anything. Your mom, dad, cousins, friends, etc. Don't need to know our business. I can't stand when men are flirtatious with other women or too friendly. Don't even make flirtatious sarcastic jokes towards another woman. I will not fight, compete, or argue over a man. I'm sure there are other dumb women who will, but I am not one of them. I like it when men have hobbies like going to the gym and playing the guitar.
Do guys even like good girls?
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