Do people who make noises or grunts when speaking make you uncomfortable?

Instead of using their words to express themselves or that they’re listening they will say “mmmmm” and things like that and it’s not just a subtle “mm” It’s sounds almost sexual like they’re getting pleasure? Not everyone does this but it feels uncomfortable and imposing and over the top. I get really grossed out and I feel like they have no boundaries. Especially if it’s family. I feel dirty and implicated in their sex life. It’s just when it’s a bit too long you know “mmmmmmm” if they agree or listen. One time I said this particular man was handsome to my mom and instead of saying yes he is she said “mmmmmmm” in agreement like she got great pleasure out of it. And it was so inappropriate and it’s like she had no self awareness and I got angry with her and told her to stop. I just felt kind of violated.


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