Why does my ex keep referencing me to his childhood?

I broke up with him for being a racist twat who couldn't get over his past. He started going on and on about how life is complicated and how it all used to be similar.

Here's the thing: no one fucking forced you to do drugs, have sex, engage in that shit, etc. You chose to.

I can't stand his ass. I know he's trying to pull something slick again.

If he really is concerned with race issues, we should ship his ass of somewhere cause he's a racist POS. Fuck him and his new bitch.


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  • No idea why you're still communicating with an ex. Doesn't matter what he says or does anymore. That's the whole point of breaking up; to go your sperate ways.

    Why aren't you doing that? He's referencing you and now you're referencing him.


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