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His ex won’t accept its over?

My long time boyfriend and I are getting married soon. We broke up because he thought I was cheating and out of being hurt He has dated a girl for a month. I messaged this girl on Instagram to let her know that it’s not ok to contact me or my fiancé. He broke up with her and told her to leave him alone about two months ago and she won’t let it go. She keeps saying she needs proof we are getting married and all this weird stuff. This girl keeps trying to call me on Instagram. I don’t know how to get her away. She is also stalking and bothering my fiancé family members. She all on there Facebook and Instagram. She said she needs proof and she will leave both us alone. How do we get her away from us? I blocked her but she is still bothering his family and trying to get to my fiancé. Why is she trying to call me lol?
His ex won’t accept its over?
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