What does that mean?

We are not in a relationship, I told him I have my life work studying family and friends.
And I was at hospital for some days, and my internet is not good.
suddenly I found this he sent me those words. What does that mean?


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  • 1. He obviously doesn't speak English. You guys likely don't understand each other for that reason.
    2. He hoped to get a relationship out of you, or that's what it seemed like.
    3. Can we get some context?

    • 7d

      He blocked me

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    • 6d

      You choose to Dow aht you want I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life

    • 6d

      Yes, and he wasn't listening to me and he always thought I'm lying. So it's better he did that.
      I just can't understand why he said "I'm die for you"?

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  • no idea. did you ask him?

  • Is that all from him


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