Would you root for the good guy in this story?

Three knights in white armor await a certain individual (A man, A woman and a boy). The landscape is nothing but a rocky desert, full of weapons of fallen warriors.

An old sorcerer shows up and before the Boy could rush towards the sorcerer, the Man stops him (to protect) and goes off on his own. He couldn't get close to the sorcerer however, because he changed the environment and put himself up a mountain, safe from grasp of the knights. Now it's to the knights to reach the Sorcerer.

Fast forward.

The Woman is injured and as the boy looks at her worried, she sends a spell towards the top of the mountain, where the Man is fighting the Sorcerer. The spell breaks the Man free for a curse the Sorcerer trapped him with and a sword fight takes place.

The Sorcerer however gets the upper hand and freezes the arm of the Man. They pause and catch their breath. At this moment the Boy leaps from behind and tries to strike the Sorcerer in the back. The Sorcerer however evades lethal blow, and grabs the boy by the head. The Man looks worried. Distracted by this, he didn't realize a sneak attack from The Sorcerer coming from underground and is sent off the mountain top.

The Woman looks up only to see the Boy in fear struggling to break free from grasp as his helm begins to falls apart. Boy's face is exposed. One last look is shared between the Boy and the Woman before the Sorcerer freezes the Boy and throws him off the mountain.

The Woman manages to catch the Boy.

The battle ended with the old man reaching for the sky as clouds opened up and a heart could be seen from the heavens. In the meantime, the beaten knights were exhausted, the woman holding the boy who is now unable to move a muscle anymore.


This way it's more focused about the bond between the three knights. But if I told you that they were evil and the Sorcerer wanted to save the world and bring balance and peace to the world... Would you root for them still?
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  • I was reading it and thinking "whats the sorcerer done to be attacked" so i was rooting for him :)


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