What do you prefer as a buyer with no shortage of money while shopping, buying branded clothes only or buying whatever you like even non branded?

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  • I dont buy products with actual logos on them, i just see that as the huge corporations using me to advertise their products.

    I do buy nice clothes, but i am very picky about it


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  • It depends.

    Generally, I prefer plain clothing over anything with a logo on it, because I tend to prefer simplicity and feel like it's more versatile.

    I'm really picky when it comes to clothing and feel that logo's sometimes ruin clothing.

  • i buy clothes that I like the looks of. brand clothes often come with big logos printed on them, which i strongly dislike, so i usually go with non brand clothes that have no print at all

  • I don’t -care- about the brand but brands I know cut down the time it takes me to shop.

    • Oh I’m not sure if you mean clothes of brands I know or shit that has the visible brand name.

      Beyond a leather patch on jeans or I guess some athletic wear I won’t wear shit with visible branding. Like nice sweater good price brand I like with a little logo? Not buying it. If they’re not paying me to advertise they can fuck off.

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