Are you left or right handed?

Ambidextrous- capable of using both hands for the same tasks with the same efficiency

Right handed- LUCKY...

Left handed-
We smudge our own writing because we write left to right and so our hand goes over the fresh ink.

Barely any equipment is available for lefties like 1 left hand scissor in a collection of 30 right handed scissors mate...

Bump our elbows on the right handed person to the left of us while writing.. Can you not?

As you could probably tell from that fired up explanation on Left handers, I am left handed.
I can write very well with my left hand but I can write READABLE writing with my right hand but it takes ages for me to write it and even correct holding of the pen is difficult for my right hand :/

I can use a firearm with either hand with equal great accuracy though :)

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So the numbers have proven already :)

I already thought this would happen but the righty's have outnumbered us lefties not just offline but also on the internet too!
I am actually happy to see the THREE ambidextrous voters.

Ambidextrous people are like unicorns, well... not exactly but it's a metaphor. My point is, they are extremely EXTREMELY rare and to even find 3 is a huge win <3

Thank you everyone for voting! :)

I updated this when
Lefts- 9
Rights- 18
Ambidextrous- 3


Most Helpful Guys

  • Ambidextrous but in a weird way. . . I write right handed but that's it. Everything else is primarily done with my left hand but I can do both

  • Right handed.
    But my right hand is mostly for speed related work, whereas the left if there for strength 😂


Most Helpful Girls

  • Both handed. I have things I can do with one hand that I could do with the other hand if I used it enough. That goes equally for both hands.

  • I'm ambidextrous but only because I was bullied by my teacher to use my right not my left.

    • 4d

      Are you glad that you were so now you are ambidextrous or do you wish they hadn't? :)

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    • 4d

      I just meant it literally ahaha, I have to write a lot of hand written notes for a placement I'm doing with uni and I go though a bottle of hand soap pretty much daily lol.

    • 4d

      Ahhhh! Sorry for the misunderstanding :)

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