Why do girls have a reputation of being nurturing, gentle and caring?

The most openly sadist, egocentric, grudging people I know are girls, and unless it serves their purposes, they are apathetic towards guys who are suffering at best, disgusted and amused by them at worst.

I think girls and women really enjoy it, when guys are in pain or humiliated. Or they don't give a fuck.
But if someone laughs at even their slightest misfortune, they start bawling and the person who laughs is an asshole.
Perhaps you're very empathetic with each other, and that's why you think that way?
Or maybe you just roll with the mass delusion, because it gives you an identity and strokes your ego?

Most girls "sensitivity" is directed purely at themselves, which makes it pretty fucking meaningless in my eyes.
One might rather call it "childish egotism".

If that is all there is to it, guys would be "sensitive" too, if they were treated like girls.

I don't see how girls are better people.
I don't see girls being more emotional in a MEANINGFUL way (that doesn't revolve around pure self interest).
I don't understand why girls are "the prize", why everything revolves around them, and why men should have to work to earn their affection.
I don't understand why girls feelings matter more.
I don't understand why girls get away with behavior, that would make a guy childish, egocentric, selfish, weak, pathetic and overly sensitive.
I don't understand how you can detest that behavior in men, and still ask to be respected, even though you're exhibiting it yourself.
I don't understand how you can reject accountability for so many things, and still complain about feelings of powerlessness. AND ask to be respected as an equal at the same time.

And most of all, I can't for the life of me understand how you can think, that the world is out to get YOU as a gender, that you are OPPRESSED when compared to men, especially BY men. That is so ridiculous to me.
Men GIVE you power. Wherever you DON'T have power, it's
because YOU reject it.

That's all, I think.


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  • I mean I don't think I know anyone who thinks all guys or all girls are the best or the worst. Anyone who does think that way is probably a nutter to be avoided who most people won't take that seriously. Prolly good to stop worrying about girls so much and sort yourself out, sounds like you're not too happy with how things are going in general. Best of luck mate.

  • Because most girls are that 👍

  • Dude I know you're gonna get that "not all girls are like that" comments but dude... you are right.

    I think being raised by a single mom I took to thinking this were how girls were. and I think movies portray girls as the more nurturing motherly figures of society, but having lots of female friends, and being the guy who they would all turn to when there bf's would dog them out and not receiving any concern or care when I was positioned in the same state, I can easily say girls CAN be some serious douchebags.

  • I don't know these girls you speak of, but all I can say is there are two sides to every story, we are just hearing you point of view. I would love to here from the girls point of view too. Then, I can answer you question. I have been though a bad relationship with a guy, but I never once criticize and labeled every other guy on this plant in the same way as him. What I am trying to say, not all girls are the same. I just don't like when guys like you, groups us all together in one little box. No, 2 girls are the same, we are all different, just like no 2 guys are the same, they are all different. You just need to stop insulting all girls, we aren't a group you know, we are individuals, with different personalities.


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