Time for multi-questions?

So I genuinely couldn't make this shit up, had to ask about all these in one post so yeah, enjoy!
  • Oxygen lowers our voice and helium brings it back to it's natural pitch
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  • All animals can actually talk our language but don't want the drama of letting us know
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  • We are all in a experimentation centre where we are being tested mentally on how we would deal with mild to severe situations
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  • It's impossible to count every line on your skin without machinery
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  • Everyone takes drugs even from a young age *SUGAR...* it's in pretty much everything, fruit, meat, every plant.
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  • Bar-codes were developed after seeing a zebra and thinking the white part would help conceal part of the coding
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  • Umm... Jack... What? How do you even think this stuff up? 0_0
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