I Ask A Question; They make a joke instead of saying Yes or No?

What is that about.
I was talking to someone and instead of responding to my yes or no question,
"Can I turn in the blue form here?" and instead of saying yes or no they responded
"Well you can't get enrolled if you don't turn in the form."

I asked the same question again and they repeated themselves and did this laugh/chuckle.

I asked a yes or no question. All she could've said was yes or "We accept it here." or something along the lines of that instead she tried to make... like a joke?
I was asking for clarification and confirmation...

What is that about?


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  • Wow best go to a different school

    • 4d

      Lol, strange right?
      I thought it was a simple yes or no question.

    • 4d

      Its should been

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