Song recommendations?

I’m looking for songs that make you feel like screaming at the top of the mountain with joy 😂😂 The type that makes you feel like going on an epic adventure into the city. Songs that just make you feel, happy. You ever watch those videos of crowds at concerts singing a song together? I want songs that make you feel the way those people will remember that night.

- Probably won’t get any song reccs but that’s honestly okay !! Hell, maybe just drop a good old “YEET” if you can’t think of a song -


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  • Last Young renegade and Good times by All Time Low

    Fresh Start Fever by You Me At Six

    Roundtable rival, elements and crystalize by Lindsay Stirling

    You're gonna go far, kid by The offspring

    You give love a bad name by Bon Jovi

    Rockefeller Street by Getter Jaani

    Lena Blue Skies Revoke remix

    Those are my favorites.


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  • Rise Against- Tragedy+Time


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