What are 8 dealbreaking questions you'd like to ask the next person who asked you out?

Feel free to answer eachothers questions if you want. For me, I'd ask them... #1 Do you believe in God? #2 Where do you see yourself in the next year or two? #3 Do you smoke/drink? #4 Would you be cool living in the south forever? #5 How old are you? #6 Whats the earliest you'd like to have sex in a relationship? #7 List your top 3 priorities? #8 Are you the loner type? ... These will all determine if we go on that date or not 😂 #FeelFreeToList #EightBeforeWeDate
Wow so many great questions 😍🙌


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  • A lot of questions I don't feel like I would have to ask because I would be able to pick up on them naturally like if they are positive and friendly. If I didn't know them, these would deep personal questions that would be difficult to ask early on and would be nice to know.
    1 What their intimacy and sexual interests and needs are. I can't be with in unaffectionate girl with a low sex drive.
    2 I like to know her general political thoughts. Non-political is actually nice.
    3. I'd like to know how she views the world in general and what she thinks of people.
    4 Does she use sites like Instagram and Facebook and if so how many hours hey day.
    5 Is sitting in front of a TV for hours important for her an important for me to do with her. I'm not interested in doing that.
    6 Has she cheated / had casual sex / been promiscuous.
    7 Is she bisexual and how much is she attracted to men. Some girls don't seem to have much physical desire.
    8 Would she like to live on land outside of town on day, maybe in a small mountain town on hundreds of acres or does she have to stay in the city.
    I totally winged all of this lol. I hope you enjoyed.

    • 4d

      1. My sex drive varies a lot. In some periods I may have high drive and other times low. Sometimes I can be horny several days in a row and other times I've to wait several weeks before I gets horny again. Also depends on my partner. Some people do I prefer a romantic relationship with and others it's a 50/50 romance and sexual relationships I want.

      2. Scandinavian social democrat; far left. Pro-welfare, pro gun control, pro-life, pro-contraception, pro-LGBT's rights. Progressive monotheist. Own religion.

      3. I likes some people better than others. I do judge people, come up with long analysis about both positive and less positive things etc. I thinks a lot.

      4. I loves social media. I spends hours on them. I loves relaxing.

      5. I prefer PC more than TV. I don't expect my partner to watch it together with me. As long I can watch it, I'm happy.

      6. Never cheated. Is a virgin. Likes to save myself.

      7. Why should my sexuality matter as long I'm interested in dating the person I'm currently dating and interested in Them? It's irrelevant.

      8. I'm an urban person and prefer a city with many people way more than living in a rural area.

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    • 2d

      4/5/6 wow tough for some

    • 1d

      @curiousnorway I want a girl that's passionate about sex and attraction towards me. I don't want the low sex drive girl that is apathetic about attraction. I can't provide or fulfill a bisexual girl like that desires. I can meet some of her desires, but she still going to want to smell a vagina in her face or to feel a girl's breasts for example. I'm not into the idea of a girl fantasizing about things I can't do for her. I find it much more attractive if a girl is into what I can provide her.

  • I feel like a lot of the questions I wanna ask could answered through they action.. But here go's
    - Do you wanna travel?
    -Will you support me and my dream?
    -Do you like smoke/ like to get drunk?
    -Are you a party every weekend type person?
    -Is Jesus yo lord and savior? ;)
    -What type of sense of humor do you have?
    -Do you want Kids and a family?
    -Would you need a guy with a lot of friends?

  • 1) Have you ever committed a crime?
    2) Have you ever taken drugs?
    3) How many kids do you have and want?
    4) Can you accept and care for my daughter?
    5) Do you talk to your exs?
    6) Are you religious?
    7) Do you want to get married?
    8) What do you do/want to do for a living?

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    • 2d

      Usually the only girls that get upset by that kind of question are the type I try to avoid because they want the man to support her without contributing. And the majority of girls are selfish gold diggers. Not all, but it is pretty common, so it is better to ask stuff like that and know instead of getting blindsided or used.

    • 2d

      @AynonOMouse You've met some pretty pathetic girls then as very few in real life are actually like that. You should really try and meet more people and have an open mind you'll put the good ones off if you act like that the second anything about money/work comes up.

  • 1.) Do you have children/do you want kids?

    2.) Do you have a job or looking for one?

    3.) Have you ever cheated?

    4.) Do you have anger problems?

    5.) What are you insecure about?

    6.) Can you see yourself building something with me?

    7.) Can you cook (you want me to tech ya)

    8.) How did your past relationships end?

    9.) Are you the type to run at the fist sign of trouble or if we hit a rough patch will you be willing to put in effort to work it out

    • 2d

      Do you feel like once a cheater always a cheater

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    • 2d

      No one was supposed to answer anyomes questions lmao. I just wanted to see what y'all would ask. I'll answer if u want
      #1 i want 2-4 before age 30
      #2 have a job but am trying to find a new one this summer
      #3 no bt i have considered who'd i'd break up with them for
      #4 no but my tolerance is wearing thin nowaday
      #5 my body but not enough to constantly discuss it
      #6 you never know
      #7 i need to be taught lol
      #8 they all used me for their own benefit
      #9 i put in lots of effort so much in the past that nowaday i prob would give up more easily

    • 2d

      #4 same

      #5 I'm sure your beautiful🧢

      #7 🍔start with basics & work your way up

      #8 I knw the feeling

      #9 Don't give up DESII!😤

  • Do you support abortion?
    Do you support the victims of rape before the accuser?
    Are you republican?
    Are you fundamentalist?
    Do you enjoy sex?
    How often do you bathe?
    Do you like animals?
    Do you support 420?

  • #1 Are you Conservative or Liberal?
    #2 Do you smoke?
    #3 Are you a Christian?
    #4 Do you want to have children?
    #5 If you drink, how often do you?
    #6 Do you believe marriage should come before sex?
    #7 Do you love your family
    #8 Have you seen Back To The Future?

    • 4d

      1. Scandinavian social democrat; far-left. Pro universal healthcare and education. Pro elderly and disabled care etc. Pro gun control, pro-life and pro-contraception. Progressive monotheist. Pro-LGBT's rights, gender equality and support the human right's except the right to self determined abortions.

      2. No.

      3. No, I've my own religion. I'm a monotheist believing in one god and an afterlife. I don't believe it's all-mighty and all-knowing though. It tries it best and aren't evil, but chaos in the world may occur. Everything may be fixed after the judgment day.

      4. Hell no.

      5. I don't drink.

      6. I think marriage should come before penetrative sex. So no intercourse or children before marriage. But I don't want to marry, have children or penetrative sex, so it's not a problem. Not into unwanted pregnancies and I think not penetrating is way more reliable than contraception.

      7. I love some of my family members. Others are just "friends" or I don't know them that well to love them.

      8. Yes.

    • 2d

      It’s not a dealbreaker but they have to have seen it or they have to see it with me before we start dating!

  • 1. What are your hobbies and interests?
    2. Are you ambitious?
    3. What are your career goals?
    4. Are you a dog or cat person?
    5. Are you a religious fundamentalist?
    6. Do you smoke cigarettes?
    7. How often do you drink?
    8. Would you consider yourself an honest person?

    • 1d

      What does #5 mean lol

    • 1d

      Do you take the bible literally, I can't date someone that does. Im open to dating someone that's religious , however, I won't date someone that takes it literally and is unaccepting of others personal beliefs and forces their beliefs on others.

  • #1 Do you believe in God? Yes
    #2 Where do you see yourself in the next year or two? Honestly i try not to think that far.
    #3 Do you smoke/drink? Smoke -No Drink - Currently!
    #4 Would you be cool living in the south forever? YES!!!
    #5 How old are you? 51
    #6 Whats the earliest you'd like to have sex in a relationship? Day 1
    #7 List your top 3 priorities? A place to live, a good job, a place to hunt
    #8 Are you the loner type? No but I am one

    • 2d

      Lol no you're posed to ask questions lol

    • 1d

      Sorry, at the time i answered this, I most likely had cranial flatulence created by eight grenades of finely brewed grains.. barley malt, rice, yeast, and hops. :-D

  • 1. Do you do drugs?
    2. Have you committed a crime?
    3. How many partners have you previously had?
    4. Are you friends with your exes?
    5. Are you a feminist?
    6. Do you think sex should come before or after marriage?
    7. Do you have a job?
    8. Are you LGBT?

  • 1. What are your beliefs and values?
    2. Do you smoke or drink?
    3. What is your opinion on homos or criminals and would you want friends like those?
    4. Are you taken? If not, how is your relationship with your ex?
    5. What is your opinion on thongs, tattoos and piercings?
    6. Do you curse?
    7. How old are you?
    8. How well do you get along with your family?

    • 4d

      Oooo these are all amazing questions 😍

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    • 4d

      Love most of your answers. You sound like someone I might be interested in getting to know a little.

    • 4d

      1. Scandinavian social democrat; far-left. Pro universal healthcare and education. Pro elderly and disabled care etc. Pro gun control, pro-life and pro-contraception. Progressive monotheist. Pro-LGBT's rights, gender equality and support the human right's except the right to self determined abortions.

      2. No.

      3. Gays are okay. Depends on the crime. I can be friend with ex-criminals who wants to bettering themselves. I don't support people breaking the law, but some crimes are worse than others. Abortions are worse than robbing a bank though.

      4. Single and virgin.

      5. Thongs - Uncomfortable. Tattoos - Okay if not too many. Doesn't look good in the face or on the neck. Piercings - Okay as long it's not too many. Okay in the ears. Not into it on tongue, genitalia, face etc.

      6. Yes, a fucking lot.

      7. Check my age label on GAG.

      8. Relatively well. Have best relationship with my mother and some other female family members. Doesn't know most of the male members well and we don't have much in common.

  • Do you do drugs?
    Have ever been arrested?
    Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
    Do you you believe?
    Do you believe in marriage?
    Do you want kids?
    Have you ever cheated?

    • 2d

      Do you feel like once a cheater always a cheater

    • 2d

      Absolutely I do. If you fuck me over once you'll never get a second chance to do it again

    • 2d

      No i kean like if they cheated on someone else before they met you

  • 1. How do you imagine a future relationship? With that I mean marriage, children, the ordinary life etc.

    2. How old are you?

    3. Do you've pets or do you like them? I'm wondering, since I don't like them and have dog, snake etc. phobias.

    4. What do your name mean and which country do it come from? (It's a way to find about ethnicity)

    5. Which religious and political views do you've?

    6. Do you smoke/drink?

    7. What do you likes to do in your spare time?

    8. What do you look for in a relationship when it comes to romance, sex etc?

  • I would lose all interest in someone who posed a bunch of questions at me like it was a job interview. I realize this is a hypothetical situation for the thread, but I've seen other threads and articles about what questions to ask on a date. Not only is this incredibly self-important, but it also reveals that the person has no idea what makes a relationship successful or worthwhile.

  • Do you work?
    Do you go to school?
    Do you drink?
    Do you have hoes?
    Do you believe in god?
    Do you have children? #1
    Are you over your ex?

  • 1. Do you do drugs (marijuana is a drug) or drink alcohol?
    2. Do you want kids? Biological & adopt?
    3. Are you friends with/stay in contact with any exes?
    4. Are you okay with having an exclusive LTR without legal marriage at least until all kids grow up and turn 18?
    5. Are you into board games & having a family game night/day each week?
    6. Would you initiate affection (hugs, holding hands, etc.) pretty often?
    7. Would you contribute financially (for bills/expenses & paying for some dates)? Pretty much, is she more fair to men or does she see them as an ATM?
    8. Would you be okay with not hanging out with opposite gender people one on one?

  • 1. Is it an issue if o have very little dating experience and am also a virgin. (was talking to a girl that was really awesome recently hut when she found those things out she basically bailed so I'm kind insucure about it now)
    2. Are u freaky (or probably anything sexual but not cause I just want sex but because it's a genuinely important topic that people seem to just casually dismiss unless u tryna fuck)
    3. how old are you? Yeah I've been lied to and if things had gotten to a point we're police git involved I'd probably be in jail right now all cause this girl wasn't truthful very untruthful

    • 4d

      Very important questions and i find #1 attractive

    • 4d

      Thanks 🙂

    • 4d

      1. No. Being virgin is a good thing. That means you wants to save yourself to the right moment. We would always figure it out.

      2. What do you mean with that? You wrote it a bit unclear.

      3. You can tell how old I'm because of the GAG labels. In real life I would just tell it instead.

  • That's a very intruiging premise. I will answer your eight questions after listing my own.

    #1 Do you want to marry and settle down?
    #2 What job do/ will you have, if any?
    #3 How do you handle finances?
    #4 Abort, vaccinate, and euthanize: opinion?
    #5 Do you have any disease or disability (what)?
    #6 What do you think about autism?
    #7 What most (often) offends you?
    #8 Have you ever caused physical or emotional harm to your past partner (s)?

    #1 No. #2 College. #3 No. #4 Yes. #5 15. #6 after I'm 16, besides that minimum of 1 month, then it's up to you. #7 Of what? #8 Yes.

    • 2d

      What is your #4 referring to

    • 2d

      I'd want their opinion on those three topics. Basically, just are they for or against them.

  • Dealbreaking questions... hmmm,
    1) What is your work ethic like? Do you have proof to back it up?
    2) Do you want a man to take care of EVERYTHING for you, or are you a responsible adult?
    3) Are you driven to be successful with your goals and dreams?
    4) Do you have goals and dreams, or is your goal to be a housewife or stay at home mom?
    5) How are you in bed? Lazy or do you enjoy pleasing?
    6) can you cook?
    8) Do you use common sense techniques when making everyday decisions or do you get that kind of reasoning and logic from instagram, fb, or Snapchat?

    • 4d

      1. I think doing my best is good enough. I thinks having a job I loves is way more important than be rich. As long I earns enough to live it's fine. I won't be happy if I've a boring job.

      2. I think every adults should be responsible. Actually, split the bills 50/50 is always good. I don't want to pay for your meal and you don't need to pay for my meal.

      3. If it's interesting enough, sure. But I can't plan my entire life either or tell the future in advance, so it's better taking one day at a time.

      4. I don't want children or marriage. I'm more into having a job I likes, travel, do hobbies I enjoys (drawing, taking pictures, making food, relaxing) and enjoying life. Children and pets are unnecessarily responsibilities I don't want.

      5. I'm a virgin, but I would like to do both depending on the partner.

      6. I'm average. I should be much better than what I'm, but I've a family background where food rarely was the top priority and where we didn't get taught how to cook during my childhood.

      7. I makes my own opinions based on how I perceive the world and my own logic.

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    • 2d

      Just the way u asked if they had proof made me laugh

    • 2d

      Haha. Well I’m savage like that. Need to back up that they will work hard if they are going to be around me lol

  • I wouldn't ask 8... for me the main question would be: do you really like me and what for :D
    Apart from that I'd be vigilant throughout the entire date and try to pick-up alarm signals she's not the one.
    That could be so many reasons that it's difficult to pick 8 :o

  • That’s a good list. I’d have the opposite of 4 though as I love the mountains.

  • 8? That's way too many 😂
    The only question I'd ask is: Do you smoke/drink?

  • I don't know at this point.


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