Men in their 30s and women in their 20's What do you think? Do you have any experience?

Im a 19 year old Girl.
Some weeks ago I had a threesome with two best Friends in their 30's. It was nice. I had fun thats why I did it.
With one of them Im meeting up often to have sex because we have a Dom/sub thing going on. I opened up to him about my father beating me when I was a child. The Guy explained me thats the reason why im into domsub thing and apologized for Things I really enjoyed so He stopped to do these things. Im afraid he thinks Im naive when all I really want to do is learn from him cause Im really courius about everything and having fun too. My Problem is im really shy and insecure sometimes.. and im really afraid he thinks im getting attached or using him for my own pleasure cause I like to be used. Don't know how to be myself when Im with him cause he's talking constantly about our age gap too.


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  • All you can do is give him the truth and explain to him how you feel about things. He's either gonna accept it or he's not. Unfortunately, there's not much to you could do to change his thoughts.

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      Yeah you're right.. He must understand He is intelligent emotional

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  • I knew there was a Daddy issue thing


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